Generic set kit

Inventory: 1
Model: DZ-K07

Model No. Product Name Unit quantity
DZ-01 Bicycle handlebar mount Pcs 1
DZ-03 Tripod mount Pcs 1
DZ-05 Buckle basic mount Pcs 1
DZ-06 Black buckle basic mount Pcs 1
DZ-10 2x flat base and 2xCurved base with stickers Pcs 1
DZ-14 6 Pcs 3M sticker Set Pcs 1
DZ-17 Suction Cup Pcs 1
DZ-20 J-Hook Buckle  Pcs 1
DZ-21 Camera tethers with 3M sticker Pcs 2
DZ-130 9" Portable case Pcs 1
DZ-302 Rotatable wrist strap band mount with adjustable elastic velcro Pcs 1
DZ-306 Wrench  Pcs 1
Lens Cloth Lens cloth (red and blue each color one piece) Pcs 2
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