Dazzne P2 P3 customized set kit

Inventory: 1
Model: DZ-K08

Model No. Product Name Unit quantity
DZ-73 USB Cable pcs 1
DZ-62 Micro HDMI HD cable pcs 1
DZ-46 Floaty sponge with 3M sticker pcs 1
DZ-102black Telescoping  handheld pole pcs 1
DZ-303 360 degree rotatable velcro wrist strap  pcs 1
DZ-306 Wrench  pcs 1
DZ-311 2x 360 degree rotatable flat mount 2x 3M adhesive pcs 1
DZ-312 2x 360 degree rotatable curved mount 3M adhesive pcs 1
DZ-313 360 degree rotating head strap mount pcs 1
DZ-315 360 degree elastic chest strap mount belt A type pcs 1
DZ-369 battery charger pcs 1
DZ-371 battery  pcs 2
DZ-361 waterproof case  pcs 1
DZ-20 J-Hook Buckle  1
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